Bonneville Consulting provides professional certification services for the
automotive industry, commercial vehicles and mobile equipment.

Key Services

  • Planning and documenting the compliance of motorcycles against the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for certification purposes - RVCS process 
  • Providing VASS engineer’s reports for Street Rods (pre-1949).   
  • Inspection of imported cars and motorcycles for compliance with applicable ADRs.
  • Inspection of certain modified cars for VicRoads VASS certification
  • Inspection of mobile concrete pumps against relevant maintenance Standards.

VicRoads VASS Inspection of:


  • Street Rods (SR plates)
  • Imported Vehicles
  • V8 Conversions & Brake Upgrades
  • Additional seats & seat belts

Bonneville Consulting  offers inspections of Street Rods for the  90 day permit scheme, as per VicRoads club permit procedures.

Street Rods are inspected for compliance with the National Guidelines for the Construction & Modifications of Street Rods in Australia.

Modified and imported cars are assessed for compliance with ADRs & Vehicle Standards Bulletin 14 (VSB 14).

2018 update: NEW ADDRESS:

Bonneville Consulting has moved. New address is Factory 11, 49 Corporate Bld, Bayswater VIC 3153

Please note that JC Bonneville performs VASS inspections part time (Tuesday-Thursday) due to other commitments.