Concrete Pumps

Worksafe Victoria requires Concrete Placing Equipment (Concrete Pumps) to be annually inspected by a qualified engineer (competent person). According to the Australian Standard  AS 2550.15-1994 Cranes - Safe use - Concrete placing equipment, a concrete pump needs a major inspection (stripped down) every six years. However, WorkSafe Victoria has identified an alternative maintenance program:  whereby if the concrete pump is inspected by a qualified engineer every year and adequate maintenance record are kept, the qualified engineer might deem it appropriate to extend the interval before a strip down is required.

Bonneville Consulting can perform the annual inspection, provide you with an engineer’s report and help keep your concrete pump in good working order for more than 6 years before a strip down is required.

JC Bonneville is a qualified engineer with more than 8 years of experience inspecting concrete pumps. JC Bonneville is also qualified to perform NDT crack testing of your pump.

Please contact us in order to organise an inspection of your concrete pump. JC Bonneville can perform the NDT crack test & the engineer inspection at your premises.  Prices start from $800 for the engineer report, NDT crack testing from $250.


Worksafe Victoria Concrete Pumping Industry Standard:

7.2.1 General
All concrete pumping equipment should be subject to an annual inspection by a competent person at intervals not exceeding 365days.
Where there are no verifiable records of previous maintenance, inspection, repairs or modifications, a major inspection (strip down) should be carried out by the competent person to determine the equipment’s suitability for use.

7.1.1 Program Types
This maintenance and inspection regime should follow either:

A. a program designed by a competent person to comply with the requirements of AS 2550.15
B. a program based on the manufacturer’s recommendations in consultation with a competent person. This type of program can only be established where there are verifiable records that:

i) the concrete pumping equipment has been continually maintained in accordance with those recommendations since the pump was first put into service
ii) the manufacturer, at the time of purchase, had inspected the used concrete pumping equipment and issued a certificate stating it is deemed satisfactory for continued service and has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations since being put back into service.

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