Club permit - M-plates

Bonneville Consulting is authorised to perform inspection on certain cars in order to issue an engineer report (VASS report) for the 90 day club permit scheme (M plates or H-plates).


Cars (and Motorcycles) that are more than 25 year old are eligible to be registered under the 90 day club permit scheme. There are 3 different categories (and plates):


1. SR (Street Rod) plates

A Street Rod is a modified car that has a body & frame built before 1949 (also including replica chassis and fibreglass body). Those vehicles must comply with the National Guidelines for the Construction of Street Rods (as explained under Street Rod page on this website)


2. H (Historic) plates

H-plate is allocated to vehicle than are more than 25 year old that are in standard configuration or have only small modifications as defined in VSI 33 (click here)

If your vehicle is within the specifications explained in VSI 33, you do not need a VASS certificate.

However, if your vehicle has been imported and is still in standard configuration, it will require an inspection and VASS report in order to address ADR compliance.

ADRs started in 1969 for cars and 1975 for motorcycles. This means that any car built after 1969 and imported will need a VASS certificate before being issue with H-plates.

The requirements (ADR) are the same for full registration or H-plate imported vehicles. The list of ADRs varies based on the year of manufacture. Please refer to our page Imported Vehicles on this website.


3. M (Modified) plates

Any cars that have been modified beyond what is allowed in VSI 33 & VSI 8 will require an inspection and VASS certificate.

The requirements (ADR & VSB 14) are the same for full registration or club permit for post 1949 vehicles. The advantage of club permit is in the cheaper price of registration and insurance, however Vicroads did not want to compromise safety and requires that all cars comply with the same VSB 14 requirements.


Common modifications that are carried out and have been certified by Bonneville Consulting:

-          - Performance engine change (power increase by more than 20%): V8 conversion (i.e: LS V8 conversion)

-          - Brake modifications: discs upgrade

-          - 4x4 Utility cabin conversion

-      - additional seats in van.

-          - Imported cars and imported bikes. 

       - personal imports


      Modifications that Bonneville Consulting does NOT inspect and certify: 


      - Modified suspensions (front or rear)

      - Modified steering and RHD conversion

      - Roll cage installation

      - Structural modification such as tubbing. 

      - Turbo/ Supercharged engine

      - 4x4 suspension lifts or larger wheels